Praise for the book

From Kirkus Reviews:

“Experienced elementary school teacher Landes suggests, in a positively focused workbook, that changing a child’s reaction to bullying may help them turn lemons into lemonade.

“In this sequential set of daily exercises for the bullied, the author reassures children that ‘there are no wrong answers’ and ‘you have the brains, heart, courage and power to make your way; you just need to believe it and believe in yourself.’ An introduction for parents, meanwhile, advises them on when to assist and when to step back and emphasizes respect for the ‘child’s point of view…Landes guides children with practical advice (such as the importance of personal hygiene), self-reflection (‘Can you think of a time when you felt like you weren’t being yourself?’), and a little up-by-one’s-bootstraps tough love (‘there’s somebody out there who is better at these things than you are’)…the underlying message (‘You are important and you matter’) is consistent, upbeat, and child-centered.” —Kirkus Reviews

My friend, Christy Kelly, writes a blog through Empower Network.  Here’s what she had to say about You Can’t Bully Me:

I’ve mentioned my book club in this blog in the past; this time I have something really exciting to share. One of our members has written a book. Yes! In less than a year after retiring from teaching, Linda Landes wrote a book called:  “You Can’t Bully Me: A guide for kids to win confidence and lose a bully.”

There is an introduction for children and one for the parents, in which the author explains how the book is meant to be used and re-used as needed. It is a thoughtful and insightful book, in good-sized print, and soft-bound for easy handling.

The book takes the child on a journey of self-discovery, helping them explore their feelings, pay attention to what they tell themselves, how they react to what others say, and how they actually feel about themselves. Each chapter has lined pages in which the child can write the answers to the questions, and they are encouraged to take the time to think carefully about their real feelings and not rush to finish.

Linda Landes is a retired 5th grade teacher who was very much affected by the number of children in her classes who were bullied at school. She told us how often she would have to act as counselor and confidant to these children, who were ill-prepared for the trauma bullying could entail. She wanted to write a manual that would prepare children for the bullying that goes on, not only in school, but throughout our lives.

You Can’t Bully Me” identifies types of bullying including not only people who call us names or make fun of something about us, but people who cut us off on the road, honk their horns impatiently; people who tell us how to live, how often to cut our grass, where to park, etc., etc. She provides simple and easy methods to protect ourselves from reacting harshly, explore and choose our reactions and feel good about ourselves.

Each exercise brings the child closer and closer to the heart of their feelings of self-worth, or lack of self-worth. They encourage the child to pay attention to their reactions, discover why they happen, and how they feel about what’s going on.

You Can’t Bully Me” includes insights on how to develop gratitude for gifts that we have, how to focus on the positive, how to love ourselves and be our own best friends.

I intend to send a copy to my stepson, who has been a target of bullying, to let him know that he is a wonderful person and that he’s on the right track to manhood and a wonderful life.

I recommend this book with pleasure!


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