About Linda

Linda Landes retired from teaching elementary school in 2014.  Despite all of the anti-bullying programs featured in schools, there aren’t any resources for the victim.  You Can’t Bully Me will help you accept the likes and dislikes of your life so that the bully’s words don’t hurt as much. I hope you will join me on a journey of self-discovery and self-love!

This website is designed for kids.  My hope is to present images and videos that challenge how you think about yourself and about the world.

Note:  Many of my posts come from images copied from Facebook.  I make every attempt to credit the source.  If I don’t, it is because the source is not inside the photo, or it has been re-posted so many times, the source has been erased.  Either way, please contact me with the appropriate crediting information and I will immediately correct it. Thank you.

Another note:  Some of these posts might be hard to understand.  It occurred to me that they are mostly written for adults.  So many (too many) of us carry hurts from when we were little.  I find these little sayings comforting.  For you, I hope you can learn a lesson from them.  You are not alone in your thinking.  Take good care.

Yet another note:  Boys – I know you hurt too.  Since I haven’t created all the wonderful art I am posting, I hope you can look past that and listen to the messages that are within.



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