Older folks

When I was little, I went to my grandmother’s house every Wednesday after school.  Of course, I wanted to be out playing, but I never said so.  I would have gotten spanked for disrespecting my family.  (Sound familiar?)

When I was eight, my parents had a fight and threatened to split up, so I ran away.  Guess where I went?  To my grandmother’s.  While I was in the bathroom, she called my parents to tell them I was there.  I didn’t get in trouble for running away; I got in trouble for crossing the street by myself (five lane road with a lot of traffic).

Spend some time with your elders:  your grandparents, a neighbor, someone from temple or church. Hang out playing cards, having tea, weeding their garden, whatever.  They have so much to offer, even though you might think they are old-fashioned and not into the same things as you.


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